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Get Premium-Quality, Water Soluble Paper Soap.

Soluble paper soap is gaining popularity in modern times. The complexities, uses, and advantages of paper used in soapmaking are explored by smartsolve water soluble paper. At Affirm Manufacturers & Traders Pvt. Ltd., you will get this paper, as a versatile medium in soap production that offers convenience and eco-friendliness. It dissolves completely in water, leaving no residue and is ideal for single-use applications.

We also ensure its strength and durability to ensure efficient handling during the manufacturing process. Our team of professionals makes it carefully to maintain the quality that makes it thin. This also has excellent printability for sharp design and graphics.

Buy Biodegradable Water Soluble Paper for Soap in India

The water soluble paper for soap making provided by Affirm India is made from specialised material designed to dissolve in water in less than 30 seconds. This water-soluble paper finds extensive use in encapsulating soap bars. It is composed of biodegradable components; it offers a sustainable alternative to traditional soap packaging materials. Our solubility of the paper ensures effortless disposal and eliminates the need for handling potentially contaminated packaging materials.


  • SmartSolve Water Soluble Paper (A4 size, 3pt, 60 GSM)

  • SmartSolve Water Soluble Paper (A4 size, 5pt, 115 GSM)

  • SmartSolve Water Soluble Paper (A4 size, 10pt, 190 GSM)

  • And more

  • Dissolves in water in 30 seconds or less

  • Excellent printability for sharp design and graphics

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Printable on most web and sheetfed presses

  • Material has an expected shelf life of 12 months

Advantages of Purchasing Water Dissolvable Paper in India

The property of easy and fast dissolution reduces waste accumulation and also reduces the burden on landfills. The water double sheets are more convenient and also have a versatile nature. It’s also worth noting that purchasing water-soluble paper supports local industries and encourages innovation in eco-friendly materials. The advantages of opting for water-soluble paper in India extend beyond convenience, offering a sustainable solution that addresses environmental and practical concerns. Lastly, the solubility of the paper ensures effortless disposal and eliminates the need to handle potentially contaminated packaging materials. Be practical, contact Affirm Manufacturers & Traders Pvt. Ltd. today, and follow the lead to contribute to the environment.

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