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Water Soluble Label

SmartSolve pressure sensitive labels, unlike traditional labels, possess the unique added advantage of dissolving in water in an earth friendly manner. The same unique characteristics apply to SmartSolve direct thermal pressure sensitive labels, but are designed to be printed in a direct thermal printer.

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This water soluble, environmentally sustainable, non-toxic material is a breakthrough technology that can dissolve instantly in water, or can biodegrade gradually depending on the amount of water or moisture exposure. Composed of sodium caboxy methyl cellulose and wood pulp, this dissolving material has a paper-like consistency that is available in a variety of thicknesses and can also be enhanced with custom coatings.

    SmartSolve water soluble paper can also be printed on most web and sheet fed presses including digital, flexography, letterpress, and dry offset. It requires no special equipment and accepts water and oil based inks. When the paper vanishes in water, so does anything printed or written on it. The most popular coatings transform the dissolving paper into a dissolving pressure sensitive label or a dissolving pouch.

    3pt Thermal Transfer Pressure Sensitive
    • SmartSolve Pressure Sensitive 3pt, is a white, super- calendared water-soluble paper with a water dispersible emulsion adhesive designed to dissolve in water. Material is on a white Kraft liner.


    4pt Direct Thermal Pressure Sensitive
    • SmartSolve Direct Thermal HD Pressure Sensitive 4pt, is a thermally coated white, super-calendared water soluble paper with a water-dispersible, emulsion adhesive designed to print through a direct thermal printer and dissolve in water after use.

    Get the Best Eco-Friendly Printing Solutions at Affirm India.

    Using the water-soluble, sensitive direct thermal paper, you can be innovative and protective of the environment. This eco-friendly solution is perfect for various applications, ensuring you leave a minimal environmental footprint. It is a mixture of pressure-sensitive adhesion advantage (you can’t use glue separately) and the technology of direct thermal printing, which is thermally activated, so no ink or toner is needed and is well suited to labelling, sticking, and recently made marks on walls. Also, especially for places where removal is fast and easy, It enables huge paper and toner savings by removing the need for printing ink or toner.

    Be Versatile by Choosing the Right Option

    Our team is committed to making versatile tags and papers you can put anywhere you feel good. The water-soluble pressure-sensitive direct thermal paper is just one example of how we’re innovating for a greener future. You can also go with disposable pouches, which will make things easier and can be used in different ways. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that don’t compromise quality or performance. Choose our solutions for your printing needs today and take a step towards sustainability.


    • Heat Seal is made from Facestock 

    • Zero Waste (Water-Soluble Material) 

    • Nontoxicity to Fish (US EPA Ecological Risk Assessment) 

    • No Micro Plastics 

    • No PFAS, BPA, or Phthalates 

    • Readily Biodegradable (OECD 301B) 

    • Flushability (FG502 Disintegration Test) 

    • No Animal Bi-Products 

    • < 30 Days Full Biodegradation (ISO 14851:2019)  

    • REACH Compliant  

    • Recyclable 

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