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The Success of Water-Soluble Labels at a Leading Textile and Apparel Industry

  • Industry: Textile and apparel industry

  • Product: 60 GSM facestock 2”x 160 & 200 meters rolls

  • Product Application: Garment labels

About the Company: A leading Textile and Apparel Company

Problem: The inability to track the usage of the clothes led to financial set backs for our customer. They faced a significant challenge regarding their clothing products. Customers would buy their clothes, wear them once, wash them, and return them. This resulted in a loss for the our customer as they had no means of determining whether the clothes had been used or not. 

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Solution: To address the challenge faced by the company, we provided them with a practical solution that would help mitigate their financial losses. We introduced the use of water-soluble labels for their clothing products.

  1. These water-soluble labels are designed to dissolve when exposed to water, such as during the washing process. our customer started attaching these labels to their clothes, ensuring that each item had a label that would dissolve upon washing.
  2. By implementing this solution, our customer gained the ability to track the usage of their clothes effectively. When customers returned the clothes after washing, the dissolved labels served as clear evidence that the garments had been worn and washed.
  3. This solution empowered our customer to identify the clothes that were returned after use, enabling them to take appropriate measures to manage their inventory and pricing strategies. By addressing the issue of customers wearing clothes once and returning them, the factory significantly reduced their financial losses.

Overall, the implementation of water-soluble labels proved to be an effective solution for the company, allowing them to track the usage of their clothing products accurately and mitigate the losses incurred due to the previous challenge.

Result: Here are the key results achieved by our customer through the implementation of water-soluble labels:

  • Enhanced inventory management: The ability to track the usage of clothes allowed for more efficient inventory management, enabling informed decisions on pricing, restocking, and production levels.
  • Reduced financial losses: The implementation of water-soluble labels significantly minimized the financial losses caused by customers returning used clothes. Clear evidence of garment usage helped differentiate between worn and unworn clothes, ensuring a profitable business model.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: By ensuring that only fresh, unworn clothes were available for purchase, our customer enhanced customer satisfaction. This led to increased trust in the quality of their products and fostered customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.
  • Strengthened reputation: The successful solution implementation enhanced the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality products. Customers could rely on the factory for new garments, contributing to their brand image and market position.
  • Long-term success: The implementation of water-soluble labels positioned our customer for sustained success in the clothing industry. The solution addressed the challenge of returning used clothes, paving the way for improved financial performance and customer satisfaction.


In summary, the adoption of water-soluble labels resulted in enhanced inventory management, reduced financial losses, improved customer satisfaction, strengthened reputation, and set the stage for long-term success for the company.


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