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The Success of Water-Soluble Labels at a Leading Textile and Apparel Industry

  • Industry: Animal healthcare industry

  • Product: 8” X 5” pouches

  • Product Application: Aquaculture

About the Company: A leading Aquaculture Company.

Problem: The company faced several challenges when using normal pouches for the aquaculture industry.

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These challenges included:

1. Lack of water solubility: The normal pouches were not water-soluble, making it difficult for them to dissolve in water. This posed challenges in terms of disposal and environmental impact.

 2. Limited bioavailability: The normal pouches may not have been designed to effectively release their contents in water. As a result, the desired nutrients or additives may not have been readily available to the aquatic organisms, reducing their effectiveness.

 3. Inadequate protection: The normal pouches may not have provided sufficient protection for the contents against moisture, oxidation, or other environmental factors. This could have led to a loss of product efficacy or degradation over time.

 4. Limited application options: The normal pouches may not have been compatible with specific aquaculture practices or feeding methods. This could have restricted the range of applications and limited the effectiveness of the products.

 5. Environmental concerns: The use of non-biodegradable or non-environmentally friendly pouches can contribute to pollution and harm the aquatic ecosystem. This may not align with the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

 By addressing these challenges and transitioning to water-soluble pouches, the company can overcome these issues. Water-soluble pouches offer improved water solubility, better nutrient release, enhanced product protection, increased application options, and reduced environmental impact.


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Result: The implementation of water-soluble paper pouches in the aquaculture industry has resulted in significant positive outcomes for company, including:

1. Improved product performance: The controlled release and accurate dosing of additives have led to enhanced growth, health, and overall performance of aquatic organisms.

2. Increased operational efficiency: Pre-measured pouches have streamlined operations, saving time and reducing the risk of errors in dosing and measuring.

3. Enhanced sustainability: Water-soluble paper pouches are biodegradable, leaving no harmful residues and reducing environmental impact.

4. Improved convenience and safety: The user-friendly pouches are easy to handle, store, and transport, ensuring worker safety and minimizing the risk of exposure.

5. Positive customer feedback: Customers have responded positively to the improved product performance, convenience, and eco-friendly packaging, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, the adoption of water-soluble paper pouches by the company has resulted in improved product performance, increased operational efficiency, enhanced sustainability, improved convenience and safety, and positive customer feedback.

Solution: Water-soluble paper pouches provide an effective solution for company in the aquaculture industry. Here’s how water-soluble paper pouches bring a solution:

1. Easy dissolution: Water-soluble paper pouches are designed to dissolve quickly and completely in water. This feature eliminates the need for manual opening or handling, making it convenient for aquaculture operations. The pouches dissolve rapidly, ensuring that the contents are released into the water without any residue.

 2. Precise dosing: Water-soluble paper pouches allow for accurate and controlled dosing of additives, nutrients, or medications in the aquaculture system. The pouches are pre-measured, ensuring consistent and precise amounts of the desired product are delivered to the water. This helps in maintaining the optimal conditions for aquatic organisms.

 3. Enhanced product efficacy: Water-soluble paper pouches ensure efficient dispersion and distribution of the contents in the water. This promotes better absorption and utilization of the additives, nutrients, or medications by the aquatic organisms. As a result, the products’ effectiveness is maximized, leading to improved growth, health, and overall performance of the aquaculture system.

 4. Environmental sustainability: Water-soluble paper pouches are typically made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. They are designed to minimize the environmental impact by dissolving in water and leaving no harmful residues. This aligns with company’s commitment to sustainable practices and reduces the ecological footprint of the aquaculture operations.

 5. Convenient and safe handling: Water-soluble paper pouches are easy to handle and use. They can be conveniently stored, transported, and deployed in the aquaculture system. The pouches are safe to handle, reducing the risk of accidental exposure to the contents and ensuring operator safety.

 By utilizing water-soluble paper pouches, the company can overcome challenges associated with traditional packaging methods and achieve efficient, precise, and sustainable delivery of additives, nutrients, or medications in the aquaculture industry.



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