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The company adopts water-soluble pouches for a cutting-edge waste degrader, enabling hassle-free waste degradation, odor elimination, and reduction in septic tank maintenance.

  • Industry: Biotech Industry

  • Product: 88 GSM heat seal 3”x4” pouches

  • Product Application: Waste Treatment

  • About the Company: A leading Biotech Company.

About the Company: A leading Biotech Company

When the Company initially used pouches for their Product, it created several major issues. The non-dissolving pouches caused blockages in drains and toilets, leading to frequent plumbing problems and unpleasant odors. The inability of the pouches to dissolve hindered the effective dispersion of the specially formulated microbes contained within the product.


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 Water soluble pouches play a vital and impactful role in the operations of the Company, specifically for the packaging of waste treatment product. This ground breaking product comprises a carefully formulated combination of natural and safe microbes, renowned for their remarkable ability to break down human fecal waste into simpler compounds. The resulting treated water can be disposed of safely or even reused for gardening purposes. product is a concentrated solution that is both natural and safe to use.

To enhance user convenience, the company has chosen to utilize our water soluble packets as the packaging solution for product. These innovative pouches dissolve easily when in contact with water, ensuring the seamless dispersal of the product’s microbial formulation. 

As a result, the microbes can effectively and efficiently degrade waste, thus preventing clogged drains and eliminating foul odors emanating from toilets. A noteworthy advantage is that the regular cleaning of septic tanks is rendered unnecessary when using product.

The incorporation of our water soluble pouches into their operations empowers the company to offer an effective, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious waste management solution. The convenience and efficiency of our self-dissolving packets complement the concentrated nature of product, enabling customers to effortlessly declog drains, eliminate foul odors, and maintain a hygienic environment.

In summary, our water soluble pouches play a pivotal and effective role in the company’s utilization of product. Together, these products offer a natural, safe, and concentrated solution that not only effectively addresses waste degradation but also simplifies the cleaning process, eliminates foul odors, and reduces the need for septic tank maintenance.

Result: The results of the company’s use of our bio-degradable, eco-friendly, compostable, and non-toxic water soluble pouches for their product, which contains specially formulated natural and safe microbes, can be summarized as follows:
1. Efficient Waste Degradation: The specially formulated microbes in product effectively degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds, ensuring efficient waste management.

2. Safe Disposal or Reuse: The treated water resulting from the degradation process can be safely disposed of or reused for gardening purposes, promoting environmental sustainability.

3. Natural, Safe & Concentrated Solution: product is a concentrated solution that is natural, safe, and effective, providing an environmentally friendly approach to waste degradation.

4. Bio-degradable and Eco-friendly Pouches: The use of our bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and compostable water soluble pouches aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability, reducing their environmental impact.

5. Non-Toxicity: Our water soluble pouches are non-toxic, ensuring the safety of users and the environment during the waste degradation process.

6. Convenient and Easy-to-Use Packaging: The self-dissolving packets make product easy to use, simplifying the application process and enhancing user convenience.

7. Prevention of Foul Odors: The combination of product and our water soluble pouches effectively eliminates foul odors from toilets, providing a fresh and pleasant environment.

8. Reduced Need for Septic Tank Cleaning: The efficient waste degradation action of product and our water soluble pouches minimizes the accumulation of sludge, reducing the frequency of septic tank cleaning.

In summary, the company’s use of our bio-degradable, eco-friendly, compostable, and non-toxic water soluble pouches in combination with product has yielded positive results in waste management. The natural, safe, and concentrated solution, along with the convenience of our self-dissolving packets, ensures efficient waste degradation, eliminates foul odors, and reduces the need for frequent septic tank cleaning.


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